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Passing the Torch: A New England Family's Legacy at SEU 072822

Passing the Torch: A New England Family's Legacy at SEU


Morristown, N.J., July 28, 2022 -- Sylvia Rosamond Finnegan, ‘28, was encouraged to apply to Saint E’s by a Sister of Mercy and teacher at John Bapst High School in Bangor, Maine. The Sister was an advocate for women to achieve a higher education degree and knew that Sylvia would receive a world class education at the institution. Sylvia’s graduation sparked an almost century-long legacy for one New England family.

“The four generations of women in my family who have attended Saint E’s forged a path that will forever inspire me,” says Hayley Holzhacker, ‘18. “Knowing that I continued their legacy is something that has truly empowered me.”

Mary Hilda Finnegan, ‘32, followed in her sister’s footsteps. Then came Hayley’s grandmother, Katherine M. Vickers, ‘58. Katherine studied chemistry and went on to attend Georgetown University Medical School.

Katherine’s daughter, Margaret Walsh, proudly carried on the family tradition when she graduated in 1989. Most recently, Margaret’s daughter, Hayley Holzhacker, received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Psychology in 2018. Hayley’s whole family continues to cherish their forever connection to SEU.

“In the spring, I visited the University and attended the business etiquette event put on by current students. Since I was the president of the Business Club during my time on campus, it was very special for me to see the students embrace the event that I once ran,” says Hayley.

Embodying the many powerful attributes of her ancestors, Hayley’s dedication and compassion are clearly visible through her work. As an avid animal lover, Hayley has spent a great deal of her time visiting nursing homes and daycare centers with her certified therapy miniature horse named “Toast.”

Today, Hayley is accomplishing her Master of Arts in Nonprofit Management at Johns Hopkins University. Hayley aims to make an impact by sharing her passions with others while inspiring people to follow their own goals and achieve them. In the upcoming months, Hayley aims to accept a full-time role in the nonprofit sector.

“I am honored to have continued the legacy that my ancestors began, while creating my own path.”