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Denyse Woods Defends Psy.D. Dissertation at SEU

Denyse Woods Defends Psy.D. Dissertation at SEU


Morristown, N.J. (December 15, 2020) – Denyse Woods has successfully defended her dissertation at Saint Elizabeth University to earn a Psy.D. degree in Counseling Psychology.

As she started the program, being a newlywed and new mother, Dr. Woods wanted to focus on the social inequities in our society today. She was especially motivated by the experiences of marginalized populations and mental health disparities. Saint Elizabeth University’s counseling psychology program was a good fit for Dr. Woods because of their strong emphasis on social justice and multiculturalism.

For her dissertation, An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Public Attitudes Toward the Forensic Population and the U.S. Criminal Justice System, Dr. Woods examined attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions to generate knowledge that can be disseminated and used to influence laws and policies that affect the justice system and forensic population to encourage better outcomes. This will help provide her with a strong voice and platform to advocate for vulnerable individuals.

Dr. Woods is currently working with clients impacted by significant histories of trauma. She conducts therapy sessions and forensic psychological evaluations for the purpose of recommending services that benefit emotional and behavioral functioning. Dr. Woods seeks to empower all of her clients through the development of skills and techniques to improve their overall mental health.

Among all of her other accomplishments, Dr. Woods is also an adjunct professor at SEU. She likes teaching introduction to counseling because of the different activities they were able to do and the collaborative environment it provided. “I would strongly urge students to consider SEU’s doctorate program because of the support from faculty and classmates with the cohort model and the emphasis on social justice,” Dr. Woods says. “Good self-care and support from family and friends make it easier to complete the program.”

From earning her master’s degree at Saint Elizabeth University through to her doctorate, Dr. Woods has left her mark on SEU and will continue to affect change as she continues her important work.