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Elizabeth DeMichino-Acquadro Defends Doctoral Dissertation at SEU

Elizabeth DeMichino-Acquadro Defends Doctoral Dissertation at SEU


Morristown, NJ (October 23, 2019) – Elizabeth DeMichino-Acquadro has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation at Saint Elizabeth University to earn an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.

DeMichino-Acquadro began her career as an educator in private schools, where she was able to convey her passion for science through teaching. However, after earning her master's in educational leadership from SEU, she transitioned into more administrative roles. Currently, she is the head of upper school and guidance at Oratory Preparatory School in Summit, N.J.

DeMichino-Acquadro's dissertation, titled "Examining the Impact of Orientation and Mentoring on New Teacher Induction," examined current orientation and mentoring practices at a private suburban middle/high school. Her research ascertained the effectiveness of these methods at inducting new teachers. The findings indicated that orientation was essential for new teachers and that one of the most difficult challenges for them was understanding the school's unique culture.

As a result of this research, DeMichino-Acquadro recommended that orientation be lengthened to achieve maximal effect for new teachers. Additionally, she suggested that mentors be assigned and monitored regularly and that a focus on professional development culture be implemented.

Prior to completing both a master's and doctoral degree at SEU, DeMichino-Acquadro earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from George Washington University.