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Faculty Connections Lead to Internship

Faculty Connections Lead to Internship


January 11, 2021 – As a criminal justice major and a victim services minor, Michelle Perez has been gaining invaluable experience interning with the Morris Township Police Department.

As an intern, Michelle was assigned to an officer and participated in ride-alongs during their shifts. During this time, she was able to witness how officers respond to calls for service and gain experience in more proactive police work, such as motor vehicle stops and community policing.

The hours she spent with the Department underscored the importance of community engagement within policing. She recognized that, with the community's support, it's significantly easier for officers to perform their jobs.

However, she may have never known about this internship if it wasn't for Heather Glogolich, an SEU professor who currently worked at the Morris Township Police Department. Since SEU's entire criminal justice faculty is comprised of current or retired law enforcement officers, they bring with them vital connections for networking and building experience.

"In every class I teach, I mention that the Morris Township Police Department has an internship program in hopes that it gives students an opportunity to receive hands-on experiences in the field," explains Heather. "With her natural ability to see past what is in front of her, integrity and great ability to communicate, she was the perfect candidate for the program."

Prior to this internship, Michelle never realized the capabilities of her own mind and body. Observing the officers reacting to rapidly developing situations with grace, inspired Michelle. She hopes to take this experience and translate it into her own experiences with law enforcement after graduation.

"This internship familiarized me with the law enforcement field and prepared me for my career," says Michelle.