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Inspiring Others Through Art

Inspiring Others Through Art


Morristown, N.J. (December 13, 2019) – "I see art everywhere. It's so soothing to the soul," explains Xiomara Gonzalez, '01, who double majored in art and education at SEU. Prior to attending the Saint Elizabeth University, Gonzalez was never confident in her artistic ability. She always compared herself to more established artists and struggled to recognize her own potential.

However, that all changed when she came to SEU and began taking classes with Sister Anne Haarer, a beloved former art teacher. "Sister Anne was amazing. She saw the talent that I couldn't see in myself and encouraged me to pursue my passion," explains Gonzalez.

Since the College's art program is designed to develop a student's creativity through hands-on support and practical experience, Gonzalez's confidence began to soar. Utilizing the knowledge she acquired at the College, Gonzalez has been able to advance her career in many ways.

She won the opportunity to create a large-scale mural in Jersey City, something she never would have attempted before attending SEU, and began displaying her art work in shows.

"I had my first real art show a year ago and I remembered having to prepare for one at SEU," says Gonzalez. "I knew exactly what to do for my art show because I already had the opportunity to do one while at the College."

Art students have access to the Therese A. Mahoney Art Gallery, located on the main floor SEU's Annunciation Center. This gallery has hosted high caliber, themed exhibitions that correspond to curricula and events on campus while reflecting the College's mission of diversity and inclusion. The College's art classes are geared to train students in artistic innovation, practical studios arts, and creative technologies-all of which are essential for today's imaginative world.

In addition to a bachelor's in art, the College offers a minor in both graphic design and studio arts.