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PsyD Student Attends Hominis 2018 in Havana Cuba

Psy.D. Candidate Attends Hominis 2018 in Havana, Cuba


Morristown, N.J. (December 11, 2018) – "People tend to treat others how they would like to be treated, which sounds like a positive concept, but it doesn't consider what another person may actually want," explains Ashley Appleton, '21, a student in SEU's counseling psychology doctoral program. "Multicultural psychology encourages others to be more mindful of how race, culture and identity impact a person's needs."

Appleton recently deepened her understanding of this concept by attending Hominis 2018, a prestigious, international conference in Havana, Cuba. While there, Appleton was able to network with mental health professionals from around the world and immerse herself in all aspects of Cuban healthcare. She visited psychiatric hospitals, medical clinics, major hospitals and schools.

Currently, Appleton is using her knowledge of multicultural psychology to enhance her work as both an adjunct professor and a licensed counselor. She feels strongly about working with marginalized and stigmatized communities. In fact, her passion for helping those in need led her to offer pro bono counseling services to individuals and families who wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise.

"I don't think people are fully functioning if they're not mentally healthy," says Appleton. "Even if you're not planning on entering the field, studying psychology and having some knowledge on how to cope with issues is essential to proper function."

Appleton chose to earn her degree at SEU because of the opportunities it afforded her.

"I was interested in counseling and teaching so the doctoral program at Saint Elizabeth University offered me the best of both worlds," says Appleton. "I could focus on therapy while also pursuing teaching at a collegiate level."

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