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Student Profile Katie Blevins

Student Profile: Katie Blevins, '19, Psychology/Religious Studies


Morristown, N.J. (January 16, 2019) – Katie Blevins, '19, was homeschooled until she began attending Saint Elizabeth University in 2015. Her mother, a strong proponent of alternative education, also earned her bachelor's from SEU in 1991.

"I was always familiar with SEU because my curriculum in high school featured books my mom had read in Dr. Margaret Roman's English classes," recalls Blevins, who is an extremely accomplished student. "And now, I'm working for Dr. Roman in the honors program."

Originally, Blevins only intended on studying psychology at SEU. However, after experiencing a particularly impactful ethics course, she decided to pursue a second bachelor's in religious studies.

"I think it's important to marry psychology with religion because both are such important pieces of a person's life," says Blevins. "Even if people don't consider themselves spiritual at all, it's an aspect of themselves that can't be disconnected."

While Blevins is devoutly Catholic, with an unwavering faith in God's healing power, she recognizes the importance of encouraging others to seek mental health counseling.

"If you're physically sick, then you're going to pray to get better, but you won't stop going to the doctors," explains Blevins. "If you have a mental illness, then prayer is important, but you still need to seek treatment."

Currently, Blevins is fighting the stigma around mental health by volunteering with Good Grief, a nonprofit organization that teaches children to grieve properly. As a peer facilitator, Blevins helps the children deal with the reality of death through discussion and small group activities.

In addition to counseling children struggling with trauma, Blevins spends her free time at Work Family Connection, another local nonprofit organization. Four days a week, she teaches children specially designed enrichment programs and assists with general after school care.

When looking for colleges to facilitate her ambitious nature, Blevins knew she wanted to attend a small, Catholic institution.

"I have a close relationship with all of my professors and I don't even have my student ID memorized," explains Blevins. "At SEU, you have the ability to really connect with the whole campus."

Recently, Blevins participated in SEU's domestic study away program by spending a semester at Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles, California. While there, her exploration of feminist theology enabled her to deepen her faith.

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