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Student Profile: Sister Prudencia Ahanonu, '19, Health Administration/Psychology

Student Profile: Sister Prudencia Ahanonu, '19, Health Administration/Psychology


Morristown, N.J. (February 26, 2019) – Sister Prudencia Ahanonu, '19, has not returned to her native Nigeria in four years, but she still feels like she's been home every single day.

"I miss being in Nigeria because I haven't seen my family, but I don't really miss it too much because I have a family here," says Sister Prudencia, who entered the convent shortly after high school. "Saint Elizabeth University is a home, you just don't feel like you are alone."

A member of the Holy Sisters of the Needy in Africa, Sister Prudencia has dedicated her entire life to service. Prior to attending SEU, she spent six years volunteering at an orphanage that doubled as a care facility for physically disabled children. In order to better assist the unique needs of these children, Sister Prudencia decided to study both health administration and psychology at SEU.

"I've earned both theoretical knowledge and practical experience while at SEU," explains Sister Prudencia. "I've attended seminars on healthcare, interned at Trinitas Regional Medical Center, learned from healthcare practitioners and developed the strategies necessary to run a clinic properly."

Upon graduating, Sister Prudencia hopes to return to Nigeria and implement an extensive community outreach program to educate people about the importance of medical care.

"Many people in Nigeria, especially in rural villages, don't use modern medicine," says Sister Prudencia. "They rely on traditional methods because they aren't aware of the importance of current treatments, but I want to change that."

Sister Prudencia credits the Sisters of Charity and SEU's generous donors with affording her the ability to attend college and move closer to her goal of accessible healthcare for all Nigerians.