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Teaching Mental Health Tips to Athletes

Teaching Mental Health Tips to Athletes


Morristown, N.J. (January 19, 2021) – While earning his doctorate in counseling psychology, Brendan Sullivan, '24, manages to also work as an Academic-Athletic Coach for Irvington High School. Having already completed a master's in sport and exercise psychology, Brendan holds study halls for student-athletes to ensure they all reach their fullest academic potential.

"It's rewarding for me to teach young athletes the mental skills that will help them both now and throughout their life," explains Brendan. "I'm inspired by the students because many are examples of excelling in the face of adversity."

He decided to earn his doctorate in counseling psychology at Saint Elizabeth University because he wants to provide his future students and patients with the best care possible. Upon graduating, Brendan hopes to find a position with a college athletic department and open a private practice that specializes in working with athletes and other high-performing individuals.

Through Dr. Tom Barrett, a psychology professor at SEU, Brendan was able to work with students in Saint Elizabeth's baseball program, and he hopes to do even more work with the athletic department in the future.

"All of the faculty want us to succeed and are constantly reaching out to offer help. Studying at SEU gives me the opportunity to have a strong education in an environment that supports my values and interests as a counselor," says Brendan. "It feels like a family here. My cohort has been so supportive of each other, too. We just want everyone to excel in the program."