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2020 Senior Art Show

Each year, seniors earning a bachelor's degree in art have the opportunity to display their work in the Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery. Located on the main floor of the Annunciation Center on campus, just 20 paces away from the art studios, this gallery is usually filled with work by contemporary artists.

Over four years, students will see at least eight exhibitions and present their own exhibits in the gallery.

Have a look at the Class of 2020's Senior Art Show.

SEU Art Alumna Maria TrujilloA Career in the Arts

Maria Trujillo, '18, is currently working for Garden on the Wall, where she gets to travel to the East and West Coasts installing finished greenery in different work spaces. While working, Maria is pursing a Master of Fine Arts at Vermont College of Fine Arts in their low-residency program.

"While studying art at SEU, the faculty and staff really pushed me. They helped me find myself and ultimately sculpt the woman I am today," says Maria. "Their encouragement and support made me feel a sense of confidence and comfort. I felt like I was able to grow both as a person and as an artist."

Maria hopes to encourage others to pursue their passions as well. Her advice: "don't ever think you can't accomplish something. Don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough. If you set your mind to what you want, you can achieve it."

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SEU Art Alumna Patricia DennisArt in the Inner City

Patricia Dennis, '19, was just 13 years old when she received life-altering news: her brother had been shot and was fighting for his life at the hospital. While her brother ultimately survived the attack, which rendered him paralyzed from the waist down, it left an indelible mark on Dennis. She became determined to deter others from following in her brother's footsteps and has since dedicated her life to educating inner-city children. She hopes that her influence will be enough to steer them away from the streets.

"I like to use art in my classroom not only to teach the students, but to heal them as well," says Patricia. "I try to model all my actions after Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Mother Seton gave up everything to give back to those in need and I want to do the same for others."

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SEU Art Alumna Xiomara GonzalezEmpowerment Through Art

"I see art everywhere. It's so soothing to the soul," explains Xiomara Gonzalez, '01. Prior to attending SEU Xiomara was never confident in her artistic ability. However, that changed when she came to SEU and began taking classes.

Since SEU's art department favors innovative ideas, creativity and self-expression over technical form, students are given the chance to hone their abilities at their own pace, gradually improving as they advance through the program.

"Sister Anne Haarer (a beloved former art teacher at SEU} was amazing," recalls Xiomara ."She saw the talent that I couldn't see in myself and encouraged me to pursue my passion."

Utilizing the knowledge she acquired at the University, Xiomara has been able to advance her career in many ways. She won the opportunity to create a large-scale mural in Jersey City, something she never would have attempted before attending SEU, and began displaying her art work in shows.

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SEU Art Alumnus Moses AwuahInspiring Artists

Moses Awuah, '20, wants to be an inspiration to those in his native country of Ghana. A double major in art and computer software engineering, Moses left Africa just two years ago to pursue an education in the US. He hopes to return to Ghana and use his education to improve his home country.

"There are a lot of people from my country who are motived to succeed, but don't have the opportunities," explains Moses.

"I want to help implement programs in Ghana that will provide these opportunities."

Moses feels particularly passionate about facilitating the growth of art in Ghana. As an exceptionally talented pencil artist, he hopes to encourage others to pursue their dreams. "To me, people have the mentality that being an artist is rough," says Moses. "However, I want to show them that being an artist is a gift and something that should be cherished."

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SEU EOF Student Corey IngramLeading By Example

The eldest brother of his siblings, Corey Ingram's ability to lead was established at birth.

⁠ "It was my job to set the standard for my younger siblings. I never wanted them to see me slack off," explains Corey,'21 a member of SEU's EOF program. "I always tell them, 'No matter where you are in life, you can always be doing something to improve yourself."

⁠While at SEU Corey has become a key member of SEU's Dance Company , joined the Student Government Association ⁠and met with legislatures to advocate for EOF and the Tuition Aid Grant (TAG).⁠

⁠ "Saint Elizabeth's prepared me to be a leader and take on roles when I wasn't certain of the outcomes," says Corey. "While studying here, I learned to take initiative and pursue my dreams instead of waiting for them to come to me."

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Book Arts

This video offers a glimpse into SEU's art department through the lens of Professor Rocco Scary's "Book Arts" class. Art students study unique, dynamic and challenging artistic mediums throughout their time at Saint Elizabeth's.

Our state-of-the-art classrooms provide them with the space and tools necessary to create their art. Be it painting, drawing, ceramics, alternative materials, sculpture or digital art, our studios facilitate our students' ability to produce their best work.