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Saint Elizabeth University

Phone: 973-290-4000

M.A. in Digital Media Design and Marketing

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Program Overview

Saint Elizabeth University's integrative and interdisciplinary M.A. in Digital Media Design and Marketing is open to all qualified students who have a bachelor's degree in almost any discipline. Students in this program will:

  • Learn about the history and development of digital media;
  • Acquire skills to create innovative branding and graphic designs for e-markets;
  • Write business-savvy text;
  • Gain the ability to market and manage digital media sites for a wide variety of employers and private individuals who demand a creative web presence.

This M.A. teaches multi-disciplinary skills while keeping students abreast of changing developments, markets and sites crucial for job readiness. The 31 to 34-credit degree is offered exclusively online. Degree completion time depends on how many credits students take per semester.

A design portfolio and a review of undergraduate courses could result in the acceptance of up to 12 credits towards the degree.

Note: Until further notice, the Master of Arts in Digital Media Design and Marketing is not accepting new students.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the M.A. program in Digital Media Design and Marketing, candidates will be able to:

  • Identify, understand, and utilize the power of digital media platforms for responsible endeavors;
  • Create well-conceived, designed, and written material for various sites and platforms and for diverse audiences;
  • Know communication and advertising strategies for local and global markets at various business levels;
  • Evaluate the latest marketing and data tracking strategies to help enhance, manage and market the businesses and cultivate influencers;
  • Identify, embrace, adapt and utilize changing trends, techniques and strategies of evolving digital media.