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Contact Information
Laura Winters, Ph.D.

Santa Maria Hall 10A

Phone: (973) 290-4317

B.A. in English

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Why Study English at SEU?

Saint Elizabeth University’s English department provides a bridge between the written world and the human experience. Students pursuing this major become independent, engaged scholars with effective writing, reading, critical thinking and communication skills.

Flexibility in thought and perspective is in great demand in today's world, and English majors consistently are able to adapt to careers involving complex thought and implementation.

Key Elements

  • Students study with faculty who have published in their field
  • Easy access to plays, museums, and other cultural activities in New York City
  • Skills learned as an English major are transferrable to many careers
  • Courses encourage students to develop critical and analytical thinking
  • Faculty become more than teachers, they are advisors, mentors and academic success partners
  • Top-name poets and writers are frequently welcomed to campus including Gwendolyn Brooks; Poet Laureate Donald Hall; and Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney

Rooted in the missions and values of Saint Elizabeth University, the major prepares students to be engaged citizens and advocates for others in our global community. Students are challenged to be bold thinkers and to develop their own ides fully. A student who completes an English major will be able to closely read a literary text and place it in conversation with other literary texts, write effectively across a variety of genres, to possess the beginnings of intellectual and/or artistic independence.

"We work together in small seminar courses with the coolest students on campus who explore the deepest questions about race, class, gender, sexuality, spirituality, relationship and identity," says Dr. Laura Winters. "You will get to study with students and faculty for whom the life of the mind, the creative life, and the imagination are an important part of every day."

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What internships are available?

Students have interned at publishing companies, non-profits, magazines, public, private and charter schools, law offices, libraries, hospitals and health care institutions and radio stations.

What can I do with this degree?

SEU English student Quawntashea BaileyThe English major is an unparalleled preparation for law school, and several of our graduates are practicing attorneys. Others teach in elementary, middle, and high schools, and some teach on college faculties.

Some recent graduates work at major publishers, others fulfill editorial responsibilities at magazines and newspapers, and several have earned advanced degrees as librarians. Many of our graduates work in corporate communication and advertising, and some work in financial services companies.

"Freshmen year, I came to SEU as the stereotype of a student behind, but I had professors who saw a writer in me when I didn't see it in myself. They saw it in me and worked to bring it out of me. Honestly, if I went anywhere else, I don't think I'd be leaving with half as much."
- Quawntashea Bailey

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