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Richard Quinlan, Ph.D.

Annunciation Center Main Level

Phone: (973) 290-4351

B.A. in American Studies

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SEU American Studies students in class

Why Study American Studies at SEU?

American Studies is the perfect multidisciplinary major that exposes students to courses in liberal arts, social sciences and professional studies. It aims to educate students about the most significant historical, political, and cultural aspects of life in America, both past and present.

Courses cultivate proficiency in written and oral communication, analytical-thinking capacity, and research acumen that will be applicable to numerous post-collegiate jobs and other endeavors.

"American Studies is both a nuanced approach to the history of our country and its modern practices," says Camille Miller, a double major in History and American Studies. "The United States is so rich in history and culture and this degree makes that tangible. It encourages you to think critically about our society."

Key Elements

  • Perfectly complements an Elementary/Early Childhood Education degree
  • Develop the skills necessary to enter the work force
  • Easy to double major with other humanities
  • Develop a breadth of knowledge in the liberal arts

Pairs Well With

SEU elementary/early childhood education student

Bachelor's in Elementary/Early Childhood Education

When graduating with a degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education, students are required to double major and American Studies is a great complement to this degree because of its multidisciplinary nature. Elementary schools have a great demand for teachers with expertise in numerous disciplines and American Studies students take classes in politics, history, literature, religion and film.

"It's very rare that you will only be teaching one subject as an elementary school teacher. Double majoring in another discipline, such as History or Literature, is wonderful but it only gives you a certain set of skills," says Dr. Nicole Yanoso, chair of the History, Culture and Politics department. "With an American Studies degree you're more marketable because you have expertise in several different subjects."

Bachelor's in Elementary/
Early Childhood Education

SEU political science students and faculty

Bachelor's in History or Minor in Political Science

Due to the structure of these programs and the inherent overlap in classes, American Studies majors can easily earn a double major in History or a minor in Political Science.

"It's almost stupid not to double major with another humanities degree because of how simple cross-registration is," says Camille Miller. "I knew I had to take electives anyway, so it ended up being easy for me to earn two degrees."

B.A. in History

Minor in Political Science

What can I do with this degree?

In addition to teaching, students who graduate with an American Studies major now enjoy careers in editing, politics, business, law and museum work because they possess skills that are in high demand in the contemporary workforce.