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B.A. in Global Studies

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SEU Global Studies Faculty

Why Study Global Studies at SEU?

"To be successful and employable you need to understand different cultures, policies and political systems and SEU's Global Studies major prepares you to do just that," says Dr. Nicole Yanoso, chair of the History, Culture and Politics department.

This program endeavors to educate students about the most critical geographical, political, and cultural features of the contemporary global community. Designed to foster fluency in other cultures, this program encourages trans-cultural understanding and communication grounded in a better understanding of self.

Due to the expansive nature of the program, graduates have gone on to study law, become diplomats, go into business, and work for nonprofit organizations. They are able to find employment in various fields because the major teaches students to be adaptable, problem solvers who are comfortable with different perspectives and capable of finding creative solutions.

Key Elements

  • Multidisciplinary approach to education
  • Great complement to both business and political science degrees
  • Prepares you to navigate a multicultural world
  • Easy to double major with other humanities

Pairs Well With

SEU Business Students looking at a laptop

Bachelor's in Business Administration

An understanding of other cultures is vital in the business sector because we are living in global communities. You won't just encounter people with differing ideologies if you happen to travel abroad--these diverse cultures are already in our own neighborhoods and communities.

If you want to successfully communicate with others and build strong relationships both internationally and domestically, a double major in business and global studies is ideal.

B.S. in Business Administration

SEU history students in class

Bachelor's in History

Due to the structure of these programs and the inherent overlap in classes, Global Studies majors can easily earn a double major in History.

"It's almost stupid not to double major with another humanities degree because of how simple cross-registration is," says Camille Miller. "I knew I had to take electives anyway, so it ended up being easy for me to earn two degrees."

B.A. in History

SEU political science student in the Mahoney Library

Minor in Political Science

Since many of our Global Studies graduates are interested in politics, earning a minor in political science is the perfect complement to this degree. Studying both global studies and political science will give students an invaluable insight about how cultural differences impact politics and other ideological frameworks.

Students will become better global citizens and knowledgeable professionals.

Minor in Political Science

What can I do with this degree?

SEU students at commencementOur graduates are equipped to pursue careers in international education, business, law, diplomatic service and journalism. Others work with international corporations, international service organizations, and non-profit organizations with global agendas and responsibilities.

Recent SEU Global Studies majors now work in such fields as banking, education, business, non-profit organizations, and international corporations.

"I learned how to be a collaborative team member without losing my individuality. I've learned how to become a better student, a better person and a better global citizen," says Rowan Ghaly, a Global Studies major.