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B.A. in History

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SEU students in history class

Why Study History at SEU?

A history degree from Saint Elizabeth University will afford students better analytic and reasoning skills, research abilities, and tools for clear expression. Courses in history draw from both American and regional history, providing perspective on global events and an understanding of the human factors influencing them. Students will learn to research effectively, write clearly, and communicate efficiently.

"To succeed in the 21st century, you can’t have a robot brain; you can't look for a single answer to a problem," says Dr. Nicole Yanoso, chair of the History, Culture and Politics Department. "You need to be able to think critically and find several solutions to a problem you didn’t even know existed, and that’s what a history degree teaches you to do."

Key Elements

  • Great complement to elementary and early childhood education
  • Provides an understanding of American and international law
  • Easy to double major with other humanities
  • Students develop expertise in social, cultural, diplomatic, and intellectual history

Pairs Well With

SEU history paired with Elementary/Early Childhood Education student

Bachelor's in Elementary/
Early Childhood Education

When pursuing a degree in elementary and early childhood education, students are required to double major, and history is a popular complement to this degree. It provides students with excellent writing, research, and communication skills making them well equipped to instruct students effectively.

“It’s very rare that you will only be teaching one subject as an elementary school teacher. Double majoring in another discipline, such as history or literature, is wonderful, but it only gives you a certain set of skills,” says Dr. Yanoso. “With an history degree you’re more marketable because you have expertise in several different subjects.”

B.A. in Elementary/
Early Childhood Education

SEU history paired with American Studies or Global Studies student

Bachelor's in American Studies or Global Studies

Due to the structure of these programs and the inherent overlap in classes, history majors can easily earn a double major in either American studies or global studies.

“It’s almost stupid not to double major with another humanities degree because of how simple cross-registration is,” says Camille Miller. “I knew I had to take electives anyway, so it ended up being easy for me to earn two degrees.”

B.A. in American Studies

B.A. in Global Studies

SEU individualized major student

An Individualized Major

“Sometimes a self-designed major better meets a student’s goal and their specific objectives,” says Dr. Anthony Santamaria, dean of the arts and sciences. For instance, if a student is interested in becoming a lawyer, they may decide to pair their history major with an individualized major in legal studies. This gives them the freedom to build their own expertise in a specific area of study while also reaping the benefits of our comprehensive history program.

“I fell in love with SEU on my first tour of campus, but when I realized they did not have one of the majors I wanted, the University was very accommodating and created an individualized major for me,” says Jacqueline Merlos-Pacheco, a double major in history and an individualized major in legal studies with a minor in political science.

Individualized Major

What can I do with this degree?

SEU history major Melissa SarstenStudents who graduate with a History major have obtained skills that make them well- prepared for post-collegiate life. Recent SEU History majors have begun careers in education, library work, government service, law, and business.

"Everyone really worked with me, worked with my finances and worked with my schedule to finish my degree in a timely manner," says Melissa Sarsten, a history major currently pursuing a degree in law. "You’re able to exceed here, in your work life and in your home life."