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Contact Information
Nicole Yanoso, Ph.D.
Interim Director

Assistant Professor
Santa Maria Hall 25

Phone: (973) 290-4376


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Student Profile: Naveira Paulino, '18

Assisting her mother to build a school in the Dominican Republic inspired Naveira to chart her future. Naveira wants to eventually work for the United Nations with UNICEF. She feels that her study abroad experience will give her knowledge of a different government, knowledge that she will need for working in other countries.

Read About Her Semester at Wroxton

Program Offerings

The minor in Spanish equips students with the expertise and the knowledge that specialists in culture, linguistics, and literature can bring in tomorrow's workplace. The program offers quality instruction that reflects the increasingly interdependent and global nature of culture, knowledge and the world in the 21st century, as well as the growing inter-connectedness of peoples and places in the local, regional, national, and global communities.



Faculty and Staff

Chantal Berthet, Ph.D.

Program Director
Assistant Professor
Global Studies
(973) 290-4268
Santa Maria Hall 43C

Alexander Murzaku, Ph.D.

Professor of Languages
(973) 290-4330
Santa Maria Hall 48

Nicole Yanoso, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(973) 290-4376
Santa Maria Hall 25