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College During COVID

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SEU students wearing masks in the dorm

Why should I study at a four-year institution during COVID?

It’s a difficult time to feel certain about future plans but we’re here to guide you through the uncertainty. We explain why you should go to a four-year university during a pandemic. Scroll down to read our answers to the five questions below or click to jump ahead.

  1. Why choose a four-year college?
  2. Will I still get the college experience during COVID-19?
  3. Why should I earn a college degree instead of entering the workforce right after high school?
  4. Will I be able to afford college?
  5. What is SEU doing to keep students safe?

1. Why choose a four-year college?

SEU Criminal Justice student Michelle PerezThere are numerous academic and extracurricular benefits to starting your freshmen year at a four-year institution. In addition to gaining independence by living in one of our two residence halls, students who attend SEU as freshmen also have access to unique programs that ensure their professional success.

For instance, SEU Promise is a rigorous academic program that guarantees students who fully participate in the program a paid, six-month internship if they do not receive a job or are accepted into a graduate/professional school within six months of graduation (terms and conditions apply). Learn more about the SEU Promise here.

Earning a four-year degree also benefits students economically upon graduating. In fact, they make an average of $1.5 million more over their lifetime than those with just a two-year degree.

Finally, when beginning your college career as a freshman, you have access to SEU’s stellar faculty and staff for four years. Due to our small class sizes, these faculty and staff will become lifelong mentors guiding you professionally and personally.

"I earned my internship because Professor Glogolich works as a police officer for the Morris Township Police Department and suggested I apply,"

says Michelle Perez, a criminal justice major with a minor in victim services. Michelle’s internship gave her invaluable firsthand experience working as a police officer which emboldened her desire to join the law enforcement career.

2. Will I still get the college experience during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has definitely changed the atmosphere of every college or university in the world. While there are certain protocols required to keep students safe, SEU works tirelessly to ensure students still have that quintessential college experience. Whether we’re hosting socially distanced outdoor events, such as silent discos or paint and sips, or connecting with each other through virtual events, SEU is brimming with activities.

"Engagement is critical for students' happiness," says Naima Ricks, director of Student Engagement. "We make sure that our students are safely seeing each other and never feeling alone."

SEU students sitting outside at a table on campus

SEU students hiking

SEU students with a therapy dog on campus

Despite the complications associated with COVID-19, SEU students are still able to reap the benefits from both our professional and recreational events! Last semester, students routinely enjoyed open mic nights, TikTok parties, film screenings, game nights, Tai Chi Chih sessions, virtual escape rooms, destressing activities, trivia nights, organized hikes, magic shows, ghost walks and caricature artist drawings.

They were also able to learn from industry experts through the experiential learning center and had access to numerous speakers covering a variety of topics. They ranged from LaToya Rene Robinson's talk "A Leader's Care" and Shekeitha Jeffries' talk "W.A.P.: Win, Achieve Prosper in 2021!" to Erin Palinski’s "The Belly Fat Diet" and Jacqueline Murekatete's "Genocide Prevention in the Age of Extremism."

3. Why should I earn a college degree instead of entering the workforce right after high school?

SEU Sociology Alumni Jason SaldiveriEarning a college degree will massively improve your job security and increase your base income regardless of your field. In terms of earning power, people with college degrees make, on average, more than $2 million more over their lifetime than those with just a high school diploma.

"That's the difference that an education from a four-year institution makes," explains Dr. Anthony Santamaria, dean of the school of arts and sciences. "Attending college requires an investment of your time, but the outcomes will benefit you for the rest of your life."

"Growing up, college wasn’t even an option. I always planned on just working right after graduating high school. But after spending two years working three jobs, I realized I needed to earn my bachelor's degree," explains Jason Saldiveri, ’20. As a graduate of SEU’s sociology program, Jason is now equipped with the skills necessary to find employment mentoring children in the foster care system, a dream come true for him.

4. Will I be able to afford college?

98% of SEU students receive financial aid. In fact, the average incoming full-time undergraduate student receives more than $33,000 in financial assistance. As an institution committed to making education accessible to all people, we understand the unique economic challenges associated with the pandemic. Click here to learn more about financial aid at SEU.

SEU students and staff in the food pantry

SEU students in the career closet

In addition to financial support, SEU students have access to the University’s own food pantry. Located on the second floor of Mahoney Library, SEU students are able to get both food staples and toiletries such as: fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, oatmeal, soups, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap and feminine products.

To further facilitate our students' success, SEU hosts a monthly career closet, where students are able to choose from a collection of professional clothes for free! This allows them to always look their best when interviewing for an internship, job opportunity or any other professional activity.

5. What is SEU doing to keep students safe?

Saint Elizabeth University, like other colleges and universities worldwide, is actively engaged in efforts to prepare for and mitigate the impacts from COVID-19. Our top priority is to support the health and well-being of our community. In addition to enforcing masks in common spaces, routine cleaning and social distancing, SEU has implemented a mandatory testing program for all students.

For more comprehensive information, visit our health services page.

SEU students signing paperwork

SEU students practicing social distancing

SEU student receiving COVID test from a doctor

Ready to take the next step?

Now that we answered some of the most pressing questions about attending college during a global pandemic, click here to attend a virtual or in-person open house! You can also take a virtual tour of campus.

If you have any other questions we didn’t cover, email our admissions office at