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Contact Information
Class Agent Program

Louise Novotny
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Phone: (973) 290-4415

What Class Agents Do

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Connect with Classmates

Class agents encourage their classmates to stay connected to each other and the life of the University.

Cultivate Class Spirit and Participation in Giving

As a class agent, your primary role is to focus on class spirit and alumni participation in giving.

Circle Around with the Advancement Team

Because of their involvement in annual giving, class agents work closely with the Advancement team.

As a class agent, you can help in these simple ways:

  • Get in touch with your classmates using the information we provide to you and in the ways you and your peers may prefer (i.e., phone call, email, social media) provided upon request.
  • Make your connection warm and personal.
  • Ask for help in strengthening the connections among your classmates - ask friends to reach out to friends you may not know.
  • Track down "lost classmates" - people will be delighted at your efforts to "find" them.
  • Encourage classmates to update their information.
  • Promote engagement with the University's social media platforms.
  • Lead by example - in giving, in SEU pride, in countering negativity and focusing on positive change at the University.
  • Encourage participation in class giving.
  • Notify the Advancement team when you learn about a deceased classmate.
  • Always say thank you!