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Annual Fund Office

Joseph Erckert
Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Santa Rita Hall 109
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Phone: (973) 290-4455

Office Hours:
M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm

New Founders Society

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New Founders Society logoThe New Founders Society, established in 1995, honors alumni and friends who have arranged a gift to the University through a bequest, life insurance, charitable gift annuity, or other deferred gift means. These gifts help fund many key areas including student scholarships, faculty development, and the preservation of our campus for future generations.

New Founders members are remembered in a special way in the campus Mass and receive special greetings, information and invitations throughout each year.

The following donors have accepted membership in the New Founders Society:

Mrs. Dorothy Addario
Dr. Antoinette Anastasia †
Mrs. Judith M. Akbar
Ms. Anita M. Angiulli ◊
Ms. Alix Ann Arlinghaus †
Ms. Elizabeth Azzara †
Mrs. Jayne L. Becvar †
Mary Bermingham◊ †
Marcelle T. Bernard, M.D. †
Mrs. Catherine J. Billington
Mrs. Maureen T. Bongard
Carolyn A. Bradley
Mrs. Joan F. Brady
Mrs. G. Anne Brown †
Mrs. Valerie S. Cauley
Mrs. Barbara N. Christian †
Mrs. Marie Corse Cieri †
Mr. Franklin P. Clayton †
Mary Connell ◊ †
Mrs. Helen W. Connolly †
Ms. Colette M. Conroy †
Ms. Maria M. Cravanzola ◊
Mrs. Mary Crecca ◊ †
Rose Marie Cusumano
Ellen M. Davis
Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, M.D. ◊
Dolores Dorsey ◊ †
Anonymous '27
Anonymous '38
Ms. Nancy E. Dowd †
Miss Alana Edelmann †
Mrs. Kathleen G. Eldracher †
Mrs. Carol-Marie Ellwood ◊
Mr. Ray Favaro
Michele A. Feltman, M.D. ◊
Martin F. Fetherston, Sr. †
Marilyn A. Fingerhut, Ph.D.
Mary & Stephen Ford
Rita LaTour Goodemote ◊ †

Kelli Bryant Grahill ◊ †
Ms. Anne Marie Greene ◊ †
Mrs. Mary Jane Strattner Gregory †
Ms. Joan F. Hall †
Dr. Marion J. Hardy
Alice Noonan Hart
Mrs. Marion Heger † ◊
Dr. Roberta Paul Horton ◊
Ms. Vivian Infantino ◊ †
Dympna Jessich †
Mrs. Winifred M. Johanson
Miss Genevieve Jonte †
Jean Judge ◊ †
Ms. Ellen V. Kelly
Mrs. Ann G. Kosco
Mrs. Lois A. Kraft
Yolanda J. Kunz
Anonymous '43
Anonymous '48
Miss Joan R. Lewis ◊ †
Mary Loughren ◊ †
Edmund Marinucci, M.D. †
Mrs. Mary Jane Matier †
Mrs. Margaret McBride◊ †
Ms. Mary T. McCormick ◊
Mrs. Julianne McDermott †
Mr. John McEvoy †
Mary P. McGrath †
Ms. Mary Katherine McKone
Eleanor Hess McMahon ◊ †
Ms. Donna B. McNamara
Dr. Ian Mininberg †
Ms. Catherine M. Mitchell
Mrs. Dorothea Montone ◊ †
Ms. Constance Muldoon †
Mrs. Joan W. Murphy
Mrs. Mary E. Murphy
Mrs. Patricia A. Murray ◊ †

Mary Grace Neagle ◊ †
Beatrice Pietroniro Nielsen ◊ †
Mrs. Rosemary M. O'Brien †
Ms. Eileen C. O'Connor◊ †
Joan E. Regan
Mary Ellen Ryan O'Connor
Mrs. Judith O'Donnell
Mrs. Jane O'Grady ◊
Anonymous '49
Anonymous '51
Mrs. Marita F. Pelletier
Henry D. Pelletier, Jr. †
Mary Norma Petter ◊ †
Dr. Beverly A. Powell †
Mrs. Ina Pyne
Jane M. † & Eugene Rainis
Joan E. Regan
Gladys Gutman Rhein ◊ †
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Rifino
Drs. John and Valerie Rowe
Mrs. Eileen S. Ruotolo †
Mr. Joseph Scavuzzo †
Mr. William G. Simpson †
Edward W. Solberg
Miss Margaret M. Sullivan †
Mrs. Gertrude Swenson †
Ms. Kathleen T. Taylor
Miss Mary V. Toye †
Ms. Catherine A. Vota ◊ †
Miss Mary Jane Waldron
Margaret F. Whelan
Ms. Aileen D. White
Mrs. Jane C. Willard †
Pauline Lucius Williams ◊ †
Louise C. and James E. Wilmot
Mary Paula Woods ◊ †
Nanette Yaroczak
Gertrude Zaklan

Key: † deceased | ◊ charter member

For more information about New Founders Society membership, please call (973) 290-4455 or email