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Office of Information Technology

Mahoney Library, 1st Floor
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Phone: (973) 290-4015

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M-F: 8:30am-5pm


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For Moodle assistance, please contact Moodle Help at (973) 290-4044 or submit a help request.

Equipment Reservation
For assistance with equipment setups and reservations, please contact Student Tech Assistants at (973) 290-4022 or email

Terms and Conditions of Use

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As a participant in the Laptop Rental Program, students will be issued a SEU-purchased laptop. During the distribution, the student will be required to sign a Laptop License Agreement which verifies receipt of the laptop and outlines the terms and conditions of use.

As noted previously, students who have their own laptop will have the option to opt out of the Program.

Laptop Account Charges and Adjustments

1. Laptop Access Fee

All full-time undergraduate students are required to participate in the Laptop Rental Program unless they have a personal laptop that meets the University’s IT requirements. Participants will be charged an access fee each fall and spring semester while they are enrolled at the University.

For the current academic year, the fee is $125 per laptop per semester. This fee will be applied to the student account of all full-time undergraduate freshmen students. This fee includes the lease of the laptop and an extended warranty for the length of the lease. All current SEU students will have access to a free download of Microsoft Office 365.

2. Laptop Replacement Fee

If a laptop is reported lost or stolen, a laptop replacement fee of $1,000 will be charged to the student's account. This fee covers the insurance deductible and insurance premiums for lost laptops.

3. Laptop Buy-out Fee

As per the license agreement, any student whose full-time status changes is required to return the laptop. If the student's status changes for any reason (withdrawal – official or unofficial), students have until the end of the add-drop period each semester of enrollment to return the laptop before a Laptop Buy-out fee is posted.

This non-refundable Laptop Buy-out fee will be calculated based on the cost of the laptop minus the total amount of the Laptop Rental Program fees the student has paid up to the date of withdrawal. For example, if a student withdraws after completing two full semesters, the Laptop Buy-out fee would be $1,000 (cost of laptop when purchased by the University) minus $250, making the total amount owed by the student $750.

4. Ownership at Graduation

Students who have completed all of the necessary coursework to graduate, have successfully completed a degree audit, and are in good academic standing are eligible to own their laptop upon graduation from SEU. Graduating seniors must complete a Transfer of Ownership form to transfer ownership of the laptop. The laptop will then be the student's to keep.

After the Transfer of Ownership form is completed, the graduating/graduated student is wholly responsible for all maintenance and support of the laptop.

5. Laptop Repair Policy

The vendor completes all laptop repairs. Certain charges may apply depending on the nature of the repair. The following guidelines pertain to repairs for laptops issued through the Laptop Rental Program and indicate when charges will apply.

  • All repairs must be made through the SEU Help Desk.
  • All warranty repairs are provided at no cost by SEU.
  • There will be a charge for any non-warranty, accidental damage to the equipment up to $125 per incident. The amount charged per incident will depend on the cost of the parts needed to repair the equipment but will not exceed $125 per incident.
  • A loaner laptop will be issued to the student until the laptop is repaired.
  • The student is responsible for restoring any personal software or non-academic data.

6. Student Responsibility for Stolen Equipment

As stated above, students are responsible for the loss or theft of the University-issued equipment. A laptop replacement fee of up to $1,000 per incident will be charged to the student's account for any lost or stolen equipment. A replacement laptop will be issued to the student.

7. Fifth Year Senior Policy

Students who do not have the necessary credits to graduate in four years and will be continuing their studies for one or more additional semesters at SEU are considered fifth-year seniors. Fifth-year seniors are required to continue to participate in the Laptop Rental Program while completing their studies at SEU.

8. Loaner Laptops

A loaner laptop will only be provided to a student when their rented laptop is being serviced.