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Serene Ciares-Deeb,'23:

Serene Ciares-Deeb, a freshman FASTRAK student, works as a medical transportation driver ensuring patients get the care that they need.

Frank Rossi,'22:

Frank Rossi, '22, takes pride in being an essential employee. He works six to eight hours a day at ShopRite, ensuring that shoppers have a safe and easy time obtaining their food. As a grocery store clerk, Frank never considered just how integral his job was to the functioning of society. However, the virus highlighted the significance of a steady, robust food supply more than ever.

Read Frank's Story: https://www.steu.edu/-/redefining-what-s-essential

SEU alumni Adonnis Brock-MurrayAdonnis Brock-Murray, '20

Adonnis Brock-Murray is part of the COVID team at Salerno Medical Associates who service Newark, East Orange and many more communities. In this position, Adonnis registers patients and tests them for COVID-19. Her desire to pursue a career in medicine was ignited at SEU after internships introduced her to the healthcare field.

Ashley, Jessica and Tim

Tim Habboub, '20, Jessica Velasquez-Julca, '20 and Ashley Veras, '19, work at a COVID-19 testing center helping each patient get accurate diagnoses.

Catherine Gruenfelder:

Catherine Gruenfelder, who holds three degrees from Saint Elizabeth University, works as a registered dietitian in the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital. Registered dietitians are vital in ensuring that COVID-19 patients are well nourished, which gives them a better chance of fighting the virus.

Read Catherine's Story: https://www.steu.edu/-/the-role-of-a-registered-dietitian-in-covid-19-pandemic

Ana Munoz:

Ana Munoz entered her second semester of graduate school at Saint Elizabeth University in January of 2020. Enrolled in the University's Master of Public Health program, Munoz began taking an epidemiology class. Having more than 20 years of experience working as a Patient Navigator for those struggling with infectious diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, Munoz was already familiar with the topic.

However, on their first day, the class began analyzing a virus that was ravaging residents of Wuhan, China. The sudden influx of patients requiring hospitalization was overwhelming their healthcare systems and challenging their government. One moment, the class was discussing the theoretical implications of this novel coronavirus moving into the United States, the next they were living with its realities.

Read Ana's Story: https://www.steu.edu/-/when-class-becomes-reality-ana-munoz-21

Physician Assistant Pam LeePam Lee

As a physician assistant working in a large, urgent care, primary care and family practice medicine clinic, Pam Lee is on the front lines of NJ's battle against COVID-19.

Read Pam's Story: https://www.steu.edu/-/first-hand-insight-into-fighting-covid-19

Kyle Lundy

SEU student Kyle Lundy has been working tirelessly to help deliver packages during the COVID-19 pandemic. Without his dedication, then necessary items may not have reached their owners in a timely fashion.

Jacqueline Carter

A member of the Harris County Sherriff's Office for 28 years, Jacqueline Carter is currently the Director of the Community Engagement Division. She is the first African-American female to hold this position and works tirelessly to improve the wellbeing of her community.