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Contact Information
Mentoring Program

Mayelin Torres
Mentoring and Experiential Learning Coordinator

Annunciation Center 302
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Phone: (973) 290-4204
Fax: (973) 290-4988

Internship Process

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Follow these steps to learn how to proceed with securing an internship site and getting registered for the internship course.

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor at least one semester before you intend to do your internship to discuss appropriate sites and learning outcomes. The earlier the better. SEU requires a minimum GPA of 2.5. Some programs require 3.0.
  • Meet with the Internship Coordinator at least one semester before you intend to do your internship. We will discuss professional conduct and communication as well as contact information for possible internship sites.
  • Make initial contact with organization(s) where you would like to do your internship. Follow their instructions for applying. Contact the Internship Coordinator when you have an interview scheduled or if you need further assistance.
  • Once you have been offered an internship, meet with Internship Coordinator to go over the packet of forms and registration process.
  • Fill out the Internship Approval Form and Liability Waiver. Obtain all necessary signatures and return those two forms to the Internship Coordinator who will process them and send them to the Registrar.
  • Schedule the day and time for your weekly supervision meeting. You should receive an email from the Internship Coordinator/Assistant with a choice of times and dates. If none of the times and dates fit your schedule, we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Fill out the Internship Agreement together with your Site Supervisor and obtain all signatures. Bring it to your first supervision meeting.
  • Remember to fill out your Work Log and have your Site Supervisor sign it regularly. Remember to bring your Work Log and Journal entries to your supervision meeting each week. Please notify the Internship Coordinator if you are not able to attend your supervision meeting for any reason.
  • Meet with the Internship coordinator weekly.
  • Remember to hand in all final requirements and evaluations by the date specified on the "Student Requirements" form you signed at the beginning of the semester.
  • Don't forget to send a thank you letter to your site supervisor.