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Mayelin Torres
Mentoring and Experiential Learning Coordinator

Annunciation Center 302
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Phone: (973) 290-4204
Fax: (973) 290-4988

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Why should I do an Internship?

An internship experience exposes students to a professional field in their major area of study and provides opportunities for them to apply and further explore what has been discussed in the classroom.

An internship is an excellent way to make contacts in the field, get references for future jobs or graduate work, and learn more about different careers.

For more internship tips and tricks, as well as guidance on how to land an internship, click here.

Where can I do an Internship?

Students may complete their internships anywhere they like, as long as the Internship Coordinator and your academic adviser approve the site in advance. We can help suggest places to start your search.

Sample Internship Sites

How many course credits can I get for an Internship?

Most undergraduate students complete an internship for 2-4 credits (the equivalent of one course). A total of no more than six internship credits may be used toward your degree. Please check with your academic adviser to discuss how many credits you should register for during your internship.

You must work 30 on-site hours for each credit hour that your register for. For example, if you register for two internship credits, you will work 60 hours at your internship site.

What are the course requirements?

Please be sure to check with your academic adviser for specific program requirements as the components differ between academic disciplines. The basic requirements are generally as follows:

  1. Weekly Meetings:
    Students are required to meet with the Internship Coordinator each week to discuss their progress in reaching their individual Learning Objectives for the internship. The Work Log and Journal must be brought to each meeting. These meetings are mandatory.
  2. Work Log:
    Students are to keep detailed records of the dates and times they completed their hours in their Work Log, which must be signed by their Site Supervisor on a weekly basis and submitted to the Internship Coordinator at weekly meetings.
  3. Journal:
    Interns are to keep a weekly journal in which they record their on-site activities, observations, and reflections on their internship experience, and are encouraged to reflect upon their progress in achieving their objectives as they progress through the internship. Students must bring these journals with them to their weekly sessions with the Internship Coordinator.
  4. Final Project or Paper:
    Students will submit a final project or written paper at the end of the semester. This requirement should include a description and evaluation of the placement site, summary of work experience, and a reflection on the benefits/experience gained during the internship.
  5. Evaluations:
    Students must have their site supervisor complete both a midway and final evaluation of their work. These are submitted to the Internship Coordinator. Additionally, students must complete a self-evaluation at the culmination of their internship.