Mission and Vision

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The mission of the ELC is to be a central resource for students, faculty, employers, community partners and alumni so that SEU students will be engaged partners in their college careers and beyond.


The ELC's vision is to be a leading model in higher education for providing students with an integrated education/work life/volunteer experience which will enhance leadership, service and ongoing professional development.

Why the focus on experiential learning at SEU?

The process of engaging in active learning both inside and outside of the SEU campus creates an excellent opportunity for:

  • Students to develop insights into their future career and/or service work by direct experiences outside of the classroom;
  • Students to explore a number of possible career paths before making a decision about their first full-time destination;
  • Students to enhance their understanding of how their academic studies are reflected in the workplace;
  • Students to apply their knowledge of leadership in service and develop a passion for service;
  • Employers to engage in the learning experience both through providing off-campus experiences as well as engaging in sponsorships. The return on investment for the employer is the potential for gaining a more qualified and diverse work force;
  • Alumni to contribute their expertise and time to the professional development of the student body thus offering the opportunity to "give back in service" to their alma mater;
  • Faculty to work closely with employers, alumni, and other sponsors in order to be aware of the fast-changing needs of the workplace;
  • SEU to graduate a more competitive candidate who is able to leverage both experience and education upon completion of their college degree;