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The Career Center is responsible for:
  • Providing a schedule of workshop dates by August 15 for each fall semester and by November 15 for each spring semester. Dates will be posted on the SEUP website and sent via email to the students' SEU email address;
  • Providing individualized instruction to students in order for them to develop well-written resumes and cover letters;
  • Maintaining a record of student participation in meeting deadlines for requirements;
  • Notifying students at the end of a semester if they have not met the program requirements.
The Career Center is NOT responsible for:
  • Sending out personal reminders about workshop dates and deadlines; or
  • Notifying a student immediately if they have not met the program requirements.
Students are responsible for:
  • Reading their emails regularly for messages pertaining to the program;
  • Creating a calendar of required dates and making any arrangements necessary to remain in compliance;
  • Signing-in and out for each workshop, engaging actively in the workshop, and remaining until the end of each workshop in order to receive credit for attending;
  • Actively participating in their own career development; passive participation does not qualify as meeting the requirements of the program;
  • Balancing coursework and career development activities in order to maintain the required 2.75 GPA; and
  • Completing their academic program within four years and without any financial debt owed to the University.