Strategic Plan 2020-2023

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Growing and Strengthening Programs

  1. Improve Program Quality
  2. Enhance Faculty Development
  3. Grow Adult Programming
  4. Design Strong Assessment and Data Management Techniques
  5. Grow academic programs to meet societal need

Increasing Enrollment and Improving Productivity

  1. Evaluate Financial Aid Leveraging
  2. Evaluate current enrollment reach and enhance where appropriate
  3. Diversifying the Demographics of the Students
  4. Use technology and marketing to improve enrollment productivity process and procedures

Enhancing the Student Experience

  1. Create a residence plan to support enrollment projections
  2. Assure an inclusive campus environment
  3. Improve student spaces across campus
  4. Enhance and utilize technology to improve the student experience
  5. Assess current athletic programs and grow, where appropriate
  6. Expand experiential learning
  7. Support social service utilization for students/families to increase student persistence

Changing the Business Model

  1. Optimize tuition rate strategy to increase enrollment and net tuition revenue
  2. Develop plans to increase non-tuition related revenue
  3. Identify services that lend themselves to be shared with other institutions and implement plans to improve service and reduce costs