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Daniel P. Agatino, Ph.D.

Santa Maria Hall J

Phone: (973) 290-4327


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Student Profile: Taylor Veve, '20, Communication

While her classmates were just about to enter high school, Taylor Veve, '20, was already preparing for college. As an eighth grader, Veve possessed the foresight to apply to a prestigious pre-collegiate program at her high school. She was only one of 25 students accepted and was required to follow a rigorous curriculum.

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Department of Communication

At Saint Elizabeth University, we bridge academic communications theory with mass media strategy. Courses are content-driven: we approach mediated communication as a practice, with priority given to the message over the media. Students are grounded in the liberal arts and fuse their writing with visual communications, providing a platform for ongoing engagement with today's media-driven world.



Faculty and Staff

Daniel P. Agatino Ph.D.

Half-Time Visiting Professor and Interim Chair
(973) 290-4327
Santa Maria Hall J