How Do I Request Services?

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Step 1

The student must contact the Coordinator of Accessibility Services ( to request an appointment to discuss/request possible accommodations

Step 2

Complete the intake form to submit your documentation. The student must provide the Coordinator with appropriate, disability specific, documentation in support of the student's requested accommodations. Below is a listing of general disability categories as well as the type of documentation which is required for each.

The Coordinator will work with the student in determining what type of documentation is required.

Step 3

Before or near the start of each semester the student will inform the Coordinator of the courses in which they have registered so the Coordinator and student can cooperatively develop accommodations specific to those courses.

Step 4

The student is responsible for providing each of their professors with a signed copy of the Accommodation Plan, and is responsible for acquiring the respective professor's signature on the Accommodation Plan Professor Receipt. The student will return the completed professor receipt to the Coordinator of Accessibility Services.