Residence Hall Medical Accommodations

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Saint Elizabeth University recognizes that some students who wish to reside in campus housing have significant medical/health problems that may require special housing accommodations. Such issues may include systemic disorders; mental health issues; and/or the use of specialized medical equipment.

In recognizing such student needs, SEU has reserved a limited number of residence hall spaces for medical accommodations. Those rooms will be assigned only upon the specific request of a student having a disability which requires assignment to a single room, as opposed to the typical double room assignment (two students to one room) on a priority basis with consideration given to the severity of the medical needs.

The assignment of medical residence hall rooms will be made by the Coordinator of Accessibility Services in coordination with the Director of Residence Life (and in consultation with the Director of Health or Counseling Services, if deemed necessary).

SEU reserves the right to require a second opinion to confirm the diagnosis and/or treatment plan. SEU also reserves the right to determine that a student's health condition and/or behavior is of a severity that precludes the student's ability to remain a resident of SEU.

The student is required to have their licensed physical/mental health professional complete the Housing Accommodation Form. Forms must be sent to the Office of Accessibility Services by April 1 for returning students and July 1 for new students.

If a single medical room is assigned to a student based upon medical documentation supplied to SEU, SEU will waive the single room rate. When a student is assigned to a medical room, SEU expects that the student will be receiving treatment from a licensed physical/mental health professional for the medical condition for which the medical room was granted. Further, it is expected that the student's primary health care provider will consult with appropriate SEU health or counseling professionals.

In those instances in which a student requests and receives permission for air conditioning, humidifier, or air cleaner in a residence hall room, based upon documented medical/health problems, SEU is responsible for supplying and installing the unit.

Note: All requests for medical rooms and/or air conditioning, when granted, are for the academic year, and must be requested for the following academic year based upon the above guidelines.