Services for Professors

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Professors may consult with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services concerning the student accommodations contained in the individual student's Accommodation Plan. Such consultation may include clarification of an accommodation; a suggestion(s) to enhance a specific accommodation in relation to the respective course outcomes; recommendations for inclusion of safety accommodations within science labs; or other possible accommodations to aid a student within a particular course, field experience, or field trip.

Professors can also request assistance with the development of specific instructional materials to address student instructional needs, i.e. low vision, reduced hearing, physical mobility; or with the development of course related assessment design that will allow a student to adequately demonstrate mastery of the course content.

Consultation services are also available to assist professors with the classroom management of behavioral issues that are related to the student's disability, i.e. distractibility, agitation, seizures, etc.

The above services can be accessed by the professor requesting such consultation via an email to the Coordinator of Accessibility Services.