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Contact Information
Anthony Santamaria, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Phone: (973) 290-4338

Individualized Major

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Why Design Your Own Major ?

Are you interested in a program or field of study that Saint Elizabeth University does not already offer? Then an individualized major might be perfect for you. For some students, a self-designed major is better able to meet their specific goals and career objectives because of its highly curated nature.

"Think of a menu at a restaurant, you’re able to see dishes that the chefs are already set to prepare for you. However, some restaurants allow you to create your own meal, compiled from components of already established dishes, and put them together into a special dish that satisfies everything you're looking for," explains Dr. Anthony Santamaria, dean of arts and sciences. "An individualized major allows you to look at everything SEU has to offer on campus, through our cross-registration agreements and consortium memberships to choose the perfect courses for you."

These cross-registration and consortium agreements provide SEU students with access to thousands of courses and nearly infinite possibilities.

Key Elements

  • Ability to cure a major that suits your unique interests
  • Nearly infinite possibilities to study
  • Guided with faculty members, support the whole way
  • Highly specialized and versatile