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Academic Internships

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All undergraduate students must complete an academic internship or field experience prior to graduation.  For most undergraduate academic programs, Career Services is responsible for all administrative aspects of the academic internship, and will work with both students and faculty to ensure the successful completion of the academic internship.  Career services does not oversee internships for the following majors:  Nursing, Foods and Nutrition, Education, and Social Work.  Students in these four programs will work directly with the faculty to fulfill their field experience requirements.  

Career Services is proud to showcase student accomplishments.  Sydney Salomon ’24 recently completed her academic internship with Red Sky PresentsClick here to read about Sydney’s internship journey.  

“I am grateful to Saint Elizabeth University for facilitating this extraordinary internship opportunity, which has undoubtedly brought me one step closer to realizing my dream of becoming a publisher” (Sydney Salomon).