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Admissions at SEU

Describing the "typical" SEU student is no easy task. They are women and men from 40 countries around the globe. They are recent high school graduates, transfer students and working professionals in mid-career. They are the first in their families to attend college, and they come from families with a long tradition of higher education. They are diverse in the broadest sense of that term, coming from different backgrounds and cultures and bringing with them a rich and varied range of perspectives.

As hard as it is to typecast the SEU student, they share some common characteristics. They are serious about their education, and motivated to work hard at it. They would rather discuss ideas than just listen to them. They care about their future, they care about the world around them, and they want an education that has meaning for both. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.

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SEU develops leadership skills and knowledge in a holistic, liberal arts institution. Our undergraduate program has great resources in an intimate setting.


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Honing skills and furthering professional potential both in the classroom and online, our continuing education programs offer flexibility and value real-world experience.

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Higher degrees with specialization in key academic areas – adhering to an overall ethos of social justice and operating as a window into the human experience.

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