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Contact Information
Office of the Bursar

Santa Rita Hall 212

Phone: (973) 290-4443

Office Hours:
M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm

Email if you need to schedule a personal appointment for a later hour during the week.

Payment Policies

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The Bursar's Office will mail students a bill for tuition and fees in advance of each semester and are due and payable prior to the start of each semester. Verified financial aid will be credited to student accounts after being validated by the Financial Aid Office. One half of any financial aid awarded by the University will reduce the bill for the Fall semester; the second half of any financial aid will reduce the Spring bill.

Students' accounts are considered settled when the Bursar's Office receives payment by check, money order, credit card or enrollment in a payment plan. Payment by check or money order should be made payable to Saint Elizabeth University and mailed to:

Bursar's Office
Saint Elizabeth University
2 Convent Road
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Students can choose to make monthly installments through Tuition Pay Plan by calling the company directly at 1-800-635-0120.

Tuition bills must be paid-in-full by the due date indicated on the invoice unless the Bursar's Office has officially granted an authorized deferment prior to the payment due date. If tuition bills are not paid-in-full or if a student does not have an approved Bursar's Office deferment by the due date, the student will be subject to de-registration.

A late payment fee of $300 will be assessed to all students who:

  • Have not sent payment by check, credit card or money order to the SEU Bursar's Office by the due date.
  • Receive financial aid but have not submitted all of their appropriate paperwork to the Financial Aid Office (973-290-4445) prior to the first day of classes.

Students whose accounts are not paid in full will not receive their official course schedule, grades, diplomas, and transcripts or be able to register for future semesters or sessions. Attending class without proper registration is not permitted. If a student attends class they will not receive grades or credit for that class. Registration dates for programs can be found on the academic calendar.

Students are expected to pay their outstanding balance in full or establish a payment plan. If the student's financial obligation to Saint Elizabeth University becomes delinquent at any time, the Bursar's Office will send the student a notification. Financial obligations include but are not limited to tuition, room, board, course fees, parking fines, library fines, residence hall fines, and any special fees or fines charged to a student's account.

Should your account become delinquent at any time, SEU may refer your account to a collection agency and/or litigate to collect the balance of the indebtedness. You agree to be responsible to pay all collection agency fees to the University, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 50% of the debt, plus all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, that the University incurs for efforts to collect any amount not paid when due. At this point, the student will no longer be able to pay the University directly, any communication with the University will cease, and all correspondence must be conducted through the collection agency.

Special Notice for Resident Students:

Resident students will receive a bill for their room and board in advance of each semester, which is due and payable prior to the start of each semester.

Also, if their tuition bill is not paid-in-full or if they do not have an approved Bursar's Office deferment by the due date, they will not be able to move into the residence halls.


SEU reserves the right to change established tuition, fees and services, to add fees and services and to determine the effective date of such changes without prior notice.