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Contact Information
International Admissions

Marie Goodman
Saint Elizabeth University
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Phone: (973) 290-4605

Become a Community Assistant

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International students that are interested in applying for the position of Community Assistant (C.A.) must be approved by both the Director of International and Multicultural Affairs and the Director of Residence Life.

Becoming a C.A. is considered a 20-hour per week, on-campus employment position. If you are hired as a Community Assistant, you are encouraged to work only this one position.

The hourly breakdown for the C.A. position as it relates to international student on-campus employment is as follows:

Duty (56 hours)

  • 4 weekdays plus 3 weekend days per month = 7 days per month
  • Estimated hours per day (5pm - 1am) = 8 hours
  • 7 days/mo. + 8 hours/day = 56 hours/month
  • 17.5 of these hours are overlapping reception coverage

Meetings & Emergency Response (14 hours)

  • 10 hours per month are meetings (building, staff, floor, specialty teams)
  • 4 hours per month are for miscellaneous student and emergency contact

The combination of duty, meetings and emergency contact events makes up 70 of the allowable 80 hours per month for on-campus employment.

International students may use the additional 10 hours per month in either student employment hours or curricular practical training (CPT). If the student decides to use CPT, they must follow the required protocol for internships and be registered for the course during the appropriate semester.