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Office of Admissions

Santa Rita Hall - 3rd Floor

Phone: 973-290-4700

Office Hours:
M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm


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Malpractice Insurance Fee

Students enrolled in certain courses, which have a clinical experiential learning requirement are required to be covered under the University's malpractice insurance policy. The annual fee for this coverage of $25, is charged to any students enrolled in the following courses:

FN602, FN604, FN606, FN608, FN610, FN612, FN613, FN677, NURS400, NURS420, PSY671, PSY691, PSY693, PSY732, PSY733, PSY734, PSY735, PSY736, PSY738 $25
FN694 $500 (Professional Meeting Attendance & RDM Prep)

Course Materials

ED200 $75.00
ED467 $150.00
FN200 $75.00
FN213 $25.00
FN235 $25.00
FN300 $75.00
FN405 $75.00
FN502 $25.00
FN504 $25.00
PSY315 $50.00
PSY490 $75.00
PSY671 $99.00
PSY693 $99.00
PSY732 $99.00
PSY735 $99.00
PSY736 $99.00

Nursing Course Fees

NURS101 (FALL) $132.50 Text Books
NURS201 (FALL) $348.50 ATI fee
$285.00 eHRGO fee
$200.00 Text Books
$200.00 Lab Fees
$35.00 Malpractice
NURS202 (SPRING) $348.50 ATI Fee
NURS204 (SPRING) $86.00 Text Books
$200.00 Lab Fee
$35.00 Malpractice
NURS301 (FALL) $317.50 ATI fee
$195.00 eHRGO fee
$225.00 Text Books
$35.00 Malpractice
NURS302 (FALL) $175.00 Text Books
$200.00 Lab Fee
NURS303 (FALL/SPRING) $225.00 Text Books
NURS345 (FALL) $95.00 Text Books
NURS390 (SPRING) $160.00 Text Books
NURS401 (SPRING) $317.50 ATI Fee
$200.00 Text Books
$200.00 Lab Fee
NURS402 (FALL) $227.17 ATI Fee
$200.00 Text Books
$35.00 Malpractice
NURS403 (SPRING) $227.17 ATI Fee
NURS404 (FALL) $100.00 Lab Fee
NURS405 (SPRING) $100.00 Lab Fee


Per course $350


SEU reserves the right to change established tuition, fees and services, to add fees and services and to determine the effective date of such changes without prior notice.