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Contact Information
Office of Admissions

Santa Rita Hall - 3rd Floor

Phone: 973-290-4700

Office Hours:
M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm

General Fees

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The following administrative, general, and incidental fees apply for various circumstances as indicated. Some of these fees are non-refundable.

Traditional Undergraduate Fees

University Fee
This fee supports the operating costs of the University and funds services, systems and programs that enhance the learning endeavors of SEU students. Services supported by this fee include, but are not limited to: distance learning initiatives, media services, library services, learning center operations and career services.
$590 per semester
Health Service Fee $120 per semester
Student Activities Fee $105 per year
Technology Fee $165 per semester

Orientation Fee

First-time students enrolled through the traditional undergraduate college in their first semester of attendance only. This one-time, non-refundable fee is used to defray the cost of planning and administering a comprehensive program designed to ease the student's transition to SEU campus life. This fee partially offsets the cost of food, social activities, speakers and materials.

  • International Students (F-1 Status or other students designated by the Designated School Official and Financial Aid). These students come to the campus prior to the arrival of all other students to participate in a pre-orientation program designed to familiarize them with life in the United States.
  • International Students
    • Enroll – Fall semester ($230)
    • Enroll – Spring semester ($82)
  • Non-international Students
    • First semester of attendance – Fall ($180)
    • First semester of attendance – Spring ($82)

Continuing Studies Fees

College Fee

Fall and Spring $280 per semester
Intersession $77 per semester
Summer $77 per semester


SEU reserves the right to change established tuition, fees and services, to add fees and services and to determine the effective date of such changes without prior notice.