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Office of Admission

Santa Rita Hall - 1st Floor

Phone: (800) 210-7900

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M-F: 8:30am-4:30pm

Health and Accident Insurance Fee

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Student Health and Accident Insurance Fee

Undergraduate full time students with 12 credits or more are automatically enrolled under the SEU health and accident insurance policy. An opt out can be done selecting waive coverage via access to International Students health and mandatory coverage cannot be waived.

All students who plan to use the SEU insurance plan, offered through United Health Care, must select Opt-In from This will gives you access to your ID card, claims, benefits, network providers and additional insurance information. If for any reason you lose coverage from a private carrier, contact the Business Office to enroll in our plan immediately. Greater detail and information on the SEU Student Health Insurance Plan is available at

Student Health and Accident Insurance

Enroll Fall semester – deadline to waive: 10/14/2023 $2,875.00
Enroll Spring semester – new students deadline to waive: 2/12/2024 $1,665.00

Mandatory Accident Coverage
(All students)

Enroll Fall 2020 semester $40
Enroll Spring 2021 semester $18


SEU reserves the right to change established tuition, fees and services, to add fees and services and to determine the effective date of such changes without prior notice.