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As a student or SEU employee, what you do online from your personal or SEU-owned computer can affect those around you and those you work with. It is important to be well educated in good Internet security practices and well-armed with updated computer security tools and software.

A very good online resource for learning how to protect yourself and your identity online is

A brief summary of some best practices for Internet security include:

  • Be suspicious of any email requesting that you "verify" your account details or click on any links to provide information.
  • Delete any such emails where the FROM address does not end in "" or the links go to any website other than
  • If the email appears valid, ALWAYS call the Help Desk at (973) 290-4015 to verify that it is a legitimate communication from SEU before taking any action.
  • Never give your SEU password to anyone, not even another SEU employee.
  • If you think you may have succumbed to an email scam or suspect that you may be the target of fraudulent activity, immediately notify the Help Desk at (973) 290-4015 and reset your account password.
  • Always log out of computer lab computers and staff desktop computers when you are finished using them.
  • Don't follow email links or pop-up ads that claim your computer is infected and offer anti-spyware software. These could be what is known as rogue anti-spyware programs and may actually contain spyware.

What is Phishing?