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Contact Information
Office of Information Technology

Mahoney Library, 1st Floor
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Phone: (973) 290-4015

Office Hours:
M-F: 8:30am-5pm


Access IT Knowledge Base

For Moodle assistance, please contact Moodle Help at (973) 290-4044 or submit a help request.

Equipment Reservation
For assistance with equipment setups and reservations, please contact Student Tech Assistants at (973) 290-4022 or email

Campus Network

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Acceptable Use Policy

Access to the Internet and the SEU network is managed by the Office of Information Technology. Any transmission of data over the SEU network (email, Internet files and web pages, Google applications, printer files, etc.) is governed by these guidelines.

  • The access, viewing, or publishing of pornographic and other offensive material is strictly forbidden. Under no circumstances are any SEU computers, networks, or equipment to be used for the access, downloading, viewing, or further distribution of pornographic and other offensive material.
  • Transmission of any material in violation of any federal or state law is prohibited, including copyrighted material.
  • By using the SEU network and computing facilities, users acknowledge SEU's right to access any file (including email) on the SEU-owned systems as part of responsible network and systems management, or at the request of law enforcement agencies. SEU respects the privacy of users and will treat user's email and any files or directories "owned" by the user as if they were the user's personal, private property. However, the data stored on SEU-owned computers is ultimately the property of SEU.
  • Users shall not use their account or any SEU computing system to harass another person or invade another person's privacy.
  • Users may not attempt to modify SEU's systems or network facilities or attempt to disrupt or modify services.
  • Classroom and course servers must be approved by the Office of Information Technology prior to connection to the SEU network. Administrative access must be given to the Office of Information Technology for all classroom and course servers on the SEU network.
  • Students may not host a server applications on the SEU network.
  • Accounts on any SEU-owned computer, except public access terminals in Mahoney Library, are limited to current students, faculty, and staff. Accounts will be deleted when employment is terminated, when student status has ended, or at the discretion of SEU. SEU is under no obligation to recover or protect user files from deleted accounts.
  • Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their SEU accounts and files. They are also responsible for all activities associated with their accounts.
  • Users may not use an SEU account that they do not have authority to use.
  • Users are responsible for maintaining their allotted file space and not wasting network or server disk space with unnecessary files.
  • Content published on the official SEU website (i.e., must conform to the guidelines established by SEU. These guidelines are available through the Web Services Department.
  • While SEU takes all reasonable precautions to protect web content on SEU-owned servers, SEU is not liable for lost or deleted webpages.
  • Saint Elizabeth University provides on-campus access to the Internet through the campus network. However, SEU assumes no responsibility for content received or viewed through a user's connection to the Internet. Unless SEU expressly authors content, it has no editorial control over the content distributed or disseminated on the Internet.