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Medical Simulation Center

Dr. Nicholas Palmieri
Henderson Hall 207

Phone: (973) 290-4171

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Welcome to the Saint Elizabeth University Medical Simulation Center, located in the Anastasia Health Science Center in Henderson Hall. The Simulation Center uses innovative low and high teaching methods to simulate reality in healthcare education.

The facility can mimic medical settings including hospital wards, physician offices, and clinics. All lab facilities are fully equipped to practice clinical skills in real life simulations. The Simulation Center provides an innovative learning experience for students across multiple disciplines. While most of the labs are used for medical training, we are always interested in working with other disciplines including those that are not a health related profession.

The Simulation Center uses virtual and simulated patients, high, medium, and low fidelity manikins, human subjects, skill trainers, and sophisticated video technology to enhance learning. Along with experiential learning, skill acquisition, medical simulation helps the student develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. Debriefing sessions with faculty and student input allows positive feedback, self-analysis, and team reflection of skills and performance.

Step 1 – Reservation Instructions

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  • To reserve a debriefing classroom(s), you must contact the Registrar at
  • Please note: reservations can only be made for one course at a time. If you need to reserve a room(s) for more than one course, you must fill out this form for each course.

Step 2 – Complete Reservation Form

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Three Nursing Essential Simulators are available in HH 203 at all times. They can be used with and without patient monitor and LLEAP. These do not need to be reserved.

Room and Equipment can be reserved concurrently.