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Contact Information
Medical Simulation Center

Dr. Nicholas Palmieri
Henderson Hall 207

Phone: (973) 290-4171

Standardized Patients

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Our center uses Standardized Patients to simulate realistic patients for training purposes. Standardized Patients may be volunteers, fellow students, or professional Standardized Patients.

Standardized Patients are trained based on a standardized case or faculty-derived scenario. They are coached to present specific findings with a realistic social and emotional history. A Standardized Patient may be asked to document learner performance by completing a brief checklist or questionnaire about the encounter. In some cases, Standardized Patients provide feedback during a relaxed post-simulation debriefing session with students and faculty.

All Standardized Patients receive briefings and instructions on case portrayal techniques to facilitate learning and feedback methodology.

Interested in volunteering to be a standardized patient? Email Dr. Palmieri for more information.