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Privacy Versus Confidentiality

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Saint Elizabeth University is committed to maintaining the privacy of all individuals involved in a report of sexual misconduct. In some instances, a Reporting Party may choose to take no action or to defer action until a later date in order to maintain anonymity. In these instances, the University reserves the right to limited disclosure and to take appropriate action in order to ensure the safety and well-being of members of the community.

The privacy of the Reporting and Responding Parties will be respected at all times. It is the Reporting Party's decision whether to initiate a formal complaint or to continue with any form of resolution. If a Reporting Party elects not to file a formal or informal complaint, the University reserves the right to take action in situations where, in the judgment of University officials, the interests of the wider University community may be affected. The University is obligated by law to take measures to remedy any harassment it confirms.

References made to privacy mean Saint Elizabeth University offices and employees who cannot guarantee confidentiality but will maintain privacy to the greatest extent possible, and information disclosed will be relayed only as necessary to investigate and/or seek a resolution and to notify the Title IX Coordinator or designee, who is responsible for tracking patterns and spotting systemic issues. SEU will limit the disclosure as much as practicable, even if the Title IX Coordinator determines that the request for confidentiality cannot be honored.

Confidential Resources:

  • Wellness Center, Founders Hall
    (973) 290-4175
  • MorrisCARES Sexual Assault Hotline & Crisis Counseling
    Morristown Medical Center
    (973) 829-0587
  • Maryum Raheem
    Mental Health Clinician
    (973) 290-4357
  • Liz McLaughlin
    Mental Health Clinician
    (973) 290-4134
  • Fr. Joseph Farias
    University Chaplin
    (973) 290-4379
  • Aaron Bianco
    Campus Minister
    (973) 290-4000