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Student Profile Lotan Lunski

Student Profile: Lotan Lunski, '21, Psy.D.


Morristown, N.J. (October 26, 2018) – Ever since he was eight years old, Lotan Lunski, '21, knew he wanted to become a psychologist. A native of Kiyrat, Israel, Lotan's passion for mental health care was solidified after witnessing the benefits of counseling firsthand. He chose to pursue his doctorate in counseling psychology at SEU because of the University's small class sizes and highly credentialed faculty members.

"I love the environment of SEU," says Lotan, who plans on dedicating his life to making mental health care both accessible and affordable. "The positive energy and individualized commitment from the psychology department has been extremely beneficial."

Over the past several years, Lotan's compassion for those in need has led him to work with numerous vulnerable populations. Most notably, he's counseled adults who have sustained traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). This experience shaped his interest in studying neuropsychology, or how the structure and function of the brain relates to specific psychological behaviors and processes.

Recently, his commitment to social justice and advocacy for disadvantaged populations led him to explore forensic psychology. In this position, Lotan assisted children who were the victims of sexual abuse.

"Everyone should have access to proper mental health treatment," says Lotan.

Currently, Lotan advises students as part of SEU's "Let's Talk" program. Initially developed by Cornell University, Let's Talk aims to engage students who are not inclined to seek counseling. It's an informal opportunity to drop by and talk with a counselor without any appointment necessary.

As he continues his career, Lotan hopes to work in a hospital, open a private practice and do pro bono work to assist those who cannot afford to seek the help they need.