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SEU PA Program Estimated Tuition and Fees

The table below details anticipated tuition, fees, program required expenses, as well as other costs associated with the SEU PA Program for the class matriculating in Fall 2024. Rates are subject to change by Saint Elizabeth University. All costs are estimated.

Program Tuition and Fees

Upon notification of acceptance, PA students are required to pay a SEU PA Program seat deposit of $500, which will be credited toward the student’s first semester tuition bill.

In-State/Out-of-State Tuition: $1,001 per credit (104 credits)


SEU PA Program Student Fee: $400 per semester (7 semesters)


*University Fees


Total Estimated Tuition and Fees


Program Tuition and Fees - by Semester





Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

Semester 7









Program Fee
















Total per semester








Total Tuition and Fees


Additional Anticipated Costs - Required (*see below)




Student Fees

The SEU PA Program student fee is $400 per semester. The SEU PA Program student fee is non-refundable.

The SEU PA Program student fee defrays costs directly related to the education of the PA students, which include, but are not limited to, software licensing and maintenance fees, supplemental educational resources, standardized patients, and laboratory equipment and supplies. The SEU PA Program also pays the vendors/associations directly for all of the following per user/student costs: NJSSPA annual student membership, AAPA two-year student membership, ACLS training, PACKRAT (two administrations), PAEA end of rotation exams (seven core rotations); PAEA End of Program Exam; one NCCPA Practice Exam; Board Review course, on-line Medical Spanish courses; eMedley ExamN and clinical package; Lecturio Inc. health education platforms

*Student Re-assessment Fee - as needed

The cost of required initial PA Program exams and assessments is covered by the SEU PA Program Student Fee (per above).
The following fees are assessed on an individual student basis, as needed, to offset the additional costs of retesting and reassessment:

• Repeated End of Rotation Exams: $35
• Summative Re-Assessments: up to $1000

University Fees

Saint Elizabeth University student fees include a $325 per semester fee (fall, spring, and summer), a $40 annual accident fee and a $200 graduation fee. Other fees may apply based on a student's individual circumstance.

Additional information regarding all University fees is available online at

*Additional Anticipated Costs - Required

The following costs are provided for financial planning. Costs are estimates and based on current approximations. Each student’s individual situation will impact these costs and students pay the vendor directly.

*Equipment and Clothing

Students in the PA Program are expected to purchase the following through the contracted vendor and actual costs will depend on the items purchased and vendor pricing:

  • Didactic: Required Medical Equipment - $750; one lab coat and one set of scrubs - $75
  • Clinical: One additional lab coat - $30


Accepted students are required to complete a background check, upload medical and immunization information, and complete online learning modules prior to matriculation. Students are required to have a second background check, repeat the eLearning modules, update medical records, and complete a drug screening prior to clinical rotations.

The costs for the Castlebranch packages are as follows:

  • Background Check - $66.00
  • eLearning Tracker (OSHA and HIPPA) - $30.00
  • Compliance Tracker (Medical Document Management) - $43.00
  • If a student has ever lived in the counties listed in New York State, they must also complete the New York Statewide package - $115
    • The total cost without the NYS Statewide Background Check - $139
    • The total cost with the NYS Statewide Background Check - $254
    • Castlebranch Rechecks package - $88

Health Insurance

Accepted PA students must provide proof of health insurance (that includes hospitalization coverage) prior to matriculation.

Upon registration, PA students are automatically enrolled in Saint Elizabeth University's health insurance policy at a cost of $5,302.00 per year and premium coverage is added to their tuition bill. Students may opt out of the plan if they provide proof of equivalent coverage.

Full details regarding the policy, including coverage for dependents, is available at

Parking Fees

All vehicles used on University property must display a current Saint Elizabeth University parking decal. Decals cost $80 per semester.


While most textbooks are provided online through Access Medicine, students are expected to purchase required textbooks that are not included: $500


All students are expected to maintain BLS certification through the American Heart Association throughout all phases of the program: $55 depending on initial or recertification course.

Full details regarding the equipment, clothing, and textbooks are provided to students upon enrollment as vendors and pricing are subject to change.

Additional Projected Costs Based on Individual Student Preferences

Students are responsible for their housing, food, transportation, medical care, general living expenses, etc., as outlined in the table below. The following list includes expected costs which will vary depending on the student’s individual situation and preferences.




Health insurance – if purchased through SEU



Medical care

Dependent upon medical insurance coverage


Dependent upon medical insurance coverage

Lab work

Dependent upon medical insurance coverage

BBP exposure work up and treatment (if needed)

Dependent upon medical insurance coverage

Electronics – per student preference:




Personal computer






Transportation, including clinical site parking, gas, and tolls/NJ Transit




See Off-Campus Housing information.

Students can expect to pay $1,800-$3,000 per month for rent in the surrounding areas.

Room and board and personal expenses

Will vary depending on each student's living arrangements.

Projected Costs after Program Completion

Following successful completion of the program, graduates will need to pay for NCCPA PANCE registration: $550; and state licensing fees where they intend to practice: NJ initial application fee is $125.

Financial Aid

Accepted PA students who are applying for financial aid should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and reach out to the Office of Financial Aid.

Currently, PA students may be eligible for:

  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan
  • Federal Graduate Plus Loan
  • Private Loans
  • Outside Scholarships

Refund Policies

The academic calendar for the MS PA Program differs from that of the University. The program follows the same processes for Refund Policies; however, in lieu of the "add-drop period," the Program uses the “first day” of each semester.