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Contact Information
Dietetic Internship

Theresa O'Reilly, MS, RDN
Henderson Hall 146A

Phone: (973) 290-4126

Medical and Background Clearance

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Final acceptance into the Program requires the applicant to meet all admission criteria, health and medical requirements including proof of immunization including but not limited to MMR, varicella, Hep B., annual flu shot and any other requirements of participating sites.

Proof of medical insurance and student healthcare background clearance is also required.

In addition, those matched to the program must complete acceptable background checks and medical clearances at the expense of the applicant. This is required as a condition of admission to the MS/DI program. Certain medical clearances must be obtained during a specified time period before the start of the supervised practice. Interns will be advised regarding the proper forms and timeline to complete these requirements.

Interns are expected to attend a mandatory virtual orientation before supervised practice begins (usually the first or second Monday of the June for the August start.