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Minor in American Studies

SEU American Studies students in classA minor in American Studies consists of 18 credits and provides students with foundational knowledge about American life and culture. Courses will explore American history, constitutional law, American presidency and more.

"Professors at SEU are motivating, inspiring and supportive. Many of my former teachers are currently my closest mentors."
-Brianna Winning, American Studies

Minor in Global Studies

SEU Global Studies facultyThe 18-credit minor in Global Studies endeavors to educate students about critical geographical, political, and cultural features of the contemporary global community. With a firm background in differing political systems, cultures and policies this minor prepares students to effectively navigate the complexities of a global society.

⁠ "Studying Global Studies at SEU was the first step toward my dream of working in international relations," says Chang Karissa Xu. "It helped me develop my passion for different cultures, languages and histories into a profession."

Minor in History

SEU History students in classSEU's 20-credit history minor seeks to educate students about the most important historical concepts, facts, and interpretations pertinent to a range of regions and time periods. In so doing, the History Program endeavors to inspire among its students a life-long intellectual curiosity that will foster their future personal and professional growth.

⁠ "While at SEU, I had the chance to study away and explore Rome’s rich, architectural, mythological and artistic history," says Brianna Darlymple, a history student. "I love learning about history because it explains how it ultimately shaped each culture."

Minor in Political Science

SEU political science students in classThe 20-credit minor in political science provides students with broad knowledge of political issues, both domestic and international. Students who earn this minor obtain excellent preparation for careers in law, government service, public policy involvement and business.

⁠ "I'm studying to become a lawyer and my minor in political science prepared me for this career by exposing me to constitutional law and law in contemporary society," says Jacqueline Merlos-Pachecho.

Minor in Spanish

SEU Spanish students sitting outside on campusThis 18-20 credit minor encourages students to develop an understanding of the cultures and history of the Spanish-speaking world. Students will acquire competency in the four language skills (reading, writing, speaking and comprehension) at an intermediate-high level or above.

⁠ A minor in Spanish is particularly beneficially when paired with a business, education or healthcare degree. It will broaden your opportunities for business relations, increase your effectiveness with instructing bilingual students and facilitate communication for Spanish speaking patients in need of medical care.

⁠ "At Saint Elizabeth's I had the opportunity to learn and grow so much, in regard to both language and Spanish and Latin American cultures," says Cristina Aldana. "SEU helped me understand the power of history and self-confidence, made me feel seen and valued."⁠

⁠ Students that test out of SPAN201 and SPAN203 may satisfy the minor requirements by completing 16 credits in courses at the 300 level.